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     This was probably my fourth time to Egypt. I took a stopover on an Egypt Air flight from Bangkok to Budapest. I had a nice, lazy time visiting Bruce, Rocio and their kids Raquel and Mateo.
      It was raining a lot in Bangkok the days before I left and to fly from hot, humid and rainy Bangkok to bone dry, dusty monochrome Cairo was quite a jolt. We went on a felucca (traditional sailboat) ride on the Nile, which is a real treat to get out of the hectic city. The other highlight was visiting two Colombians in prison with Rocio. It was impressive to see Rocio pass bribes to the guards. She´s a real pro.

Foofi fries y'all!!       Dreams really do come true here. It is an American supermarket in the middle of Cairo.

This is one of the weirdest window displays I've ever seen, especially for a clothes shop.       The window display should really go with this store: then it might make some sense.

Downtown Cairo, my favorite square       Felucca trip!

I only look autistic

A less desirable way to cruise the Nile

Mateo       Raquel


Shawarma       Looking retarded on the flight to Budapest. These pass as my dress-up clothes. I was entering Europe on a one way ticket and had to dazzle Hungarian immigration.

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