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      I ran around Europe in an inefficient, spirograph-like route, but since I hitchhike, I don't mind. I only went to a couple of regions that I had never been before; Southwest Ukraine and Northwest Romania. I also spent about a month in Denmark working on the Jessens farm, mostly painting the farmhouse with a side hobby of over-eating.

This should be a poster for a horror movie.
Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic

Manure photo shoot, Salzburg, Austria       Salzburg, Austria

     These are signs all over German autobahns to get people to slow down. Under the pictures it says, "Wanted to get home quickly" and "Too fast on wet road."

Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin       Berlin Fan Mile for the European soccer championships

            Tempelhof Airport only a short time before it closed. Used to be (still is?) the world's largest brick building. It is right in the middle of Berlin and was famous during the Airlift, but since the town has grown around it, only small commuter planes were using it.

Sweet was yesterday! (Berlin)       "Living after midnight, rockin til the dawn...!" (Berlin)

Foosball, Munich       Bread vending machine, Tienen, Belgium

Three pix of me in Arnhem, Netherlands

I hitchhiked absolutely everywhere in Europe. One, because I like to and two, because it is cheap. The dollar was stabbing me in the back in the summer of 2008, lest we forget. This photo is from one of the bad days. It is 5am in a wheat field in southern Denmark. The Jessen family has a farm just off the road and I always walk through the fields to get there, but this time I became hopelessly lost.       The Jessen girls, Denmark

New couples write their names on locks and put them on these gates.
This is in the town I used to teach English in: Pecs, Hungary

Budapest braille hell. It is as if it is an open challenge to the blind, but I think Hungarian blind people are up to it. "Bring it on!", I can hear them yell.       Budapest's chain bridge though the tunnel

Fireworks (aren't these captions useful?)       Tibor in fine form, Budapest

Heavy Hungarian food       Romanian museum

Ugly house, Ukraine       Two ethnic Hungarian girls in the back seat of a car that picked me up hitchhiking in Ukraine.

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