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Japan 2007

      I never get tired of Japan, but I think Japan is tiring of me. This was my 8th(?) visit.
      The policemen to the right picked me up hitchhiking. They didn't know I was hitchhiking, actually. If they did I would have been in big trouble because I was standing in an illegal and semi-dangerous place. Luckily I saw them before they saw me (seriously guys, helmets in the car?) and I pretended to be lost. Since they couldn't find a bus stop for me to get to town, they drove me about 5km to a metro stop.
      Fukuoka is the worst town to hitchhike in and out since it connects to the highway by very long expressways. It affects my decision-making as to whether I want to live there. Seriously. Otherwise it is a great, mellow city.
      The first six photos below are from a samba festival in Kobe.

Fukuoka's finest

I forget what character he was dressed up as



Look at all the photographers. Not a woman in the crowd.

Call me a prude, but kids this young, it's just plain wrong

Can Child Protective Services pick this girl up, please? Now?

Noriko I met in Istanbul, Turkey

Me and my new friend

Famous author, Mitsuyo Kakuta,
I met in Colombo, Sri Lanka

Cement slide--ouch!

Gravel basketball court--ouch!

Plastic curry display

Dead street. This aspect of Japan fascinates me.

Would a sports bar in USA ever be called Disco Pants?

Entrance to the amazing Tokyo expressway.
No place to stand to hitchhike.

Gas station under apartments.
Notice the pumps are overhead, too.

Fukuoka hostel

Manhole cover

I forget what they are looking for

Typical narrow buildings in the Osaka ghetto

Must be hard to parallel park like that every day

Shin Sekai, Osaka

Toshifumi's purple tree

Elaborate sushi in Yatsushiro

Torching the sushi makes it delicious, trust me

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