South Africa


Europe 2007

      This is a pretty weak section, I have to admit, because I didn't take many interesting photos and also I think I should make complete, separate sections for each individual country--but maybe that is boring, too.
      At the bottom are some non-Euro pix.

"I am so lonely" -- Zurich airport, Switzerland

Snow on the pond, Denmark

Snow on the tennis court, Denmark

Deer from a hunting expedition, Denmark

The Jessens, Denmark

Embarrassing my friend, Caroline, in Paris

Caro and Fabrice have 2 little kids but
they keep their alcohol on the ground

Surfing in Munich, Germany

Austria-Germany border underground

Bolzano, Italy

Moroccan girls, Olympic stadium, Munich

Swiss billboard and comment

Fish sandwich boat, Istanbul

Istanbul pilaf

Istanbul sun

Swiss precision

Paris crematorium

Sign at Taipei airport, Taiwan

Cool mosaic at San Francisco airport

Salt ponds of San Francisco Bay

I carried over 100 lbs home from Japan, including a guitar

San Francisco

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