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Eastern Europe Halfway Around the World 2005

      Ukraine has got it right: westerners no longer need visas. I only wish Russia would be so enlightened as its visa regulations are among the most onerous in the world. I had been to Ukraine before; this time I only went to Odessa and Kiev and then I flew to Baku, Azerbaijan on Aerosvit (last photo).

Odessa train station

Odessa train station       If you look closely you can see that the guy is a human phone booth with wires coming from under his shirt. I love stuff like this.

This is very funny. I tried hard to get this poster. "HET" is Cyrillic for "Nyet" or "No".       He needs a poster.

a very public toilet

Kiev metro

Odessa ferry terminal, which is what I am facing in the photo below.
The Potemkin steps in Odessa

     I wore this shirt the last time I went to the former Soviet Union, too. Some people laugh, most give me strange looks, some people don't like it.
      The funny thing is, I think I got this shirt in Thailand.

Ukrainian aviation--da!

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