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Eastern Europe Halfway Around the World 2005

      "Here is Europe", the sign says. This kind of rubs its nose at Romania, where this border photo was taken.
      I only have a smattering of photos in this part because I need to make a whole Hungarian section someday, incorporating stuff like this page of a friend named Anita.
      Hungary is one of my favorite countries, and I've lived there and visited many, many times, so it deserves more analysis, but that's for another time.

      Who says Hungarians don't have a sense of humor? The lower computer is advertised as a "complete computer" for about US$8 with a "one minute guarantee".

Skinheads and garbagemen reading in public. So beautiful...

The Hungarian language--easy!       Thank you for not coming in!

"...but I like it, like it, yes I do!"       a Japanese-style sign

      This local train here at Tiszaujvaros is called the "Interpici", which in my mind is a play on words for the "Intercity" train. "Pici" means tiny. I can't explain why this fascinates me.

This sign must make Hungarians berserk.
It is both very difficult and expensive to get a visa.
      Budapest metro

Look now, for these phones are all but extinct       This is a dog.

A policeman took pains to tell me after I took this photo that it isn't used on normal patrol.            Sour cherry pastry. My earliest memory of Hungary in 1986 was that it was physically impossible to eat more then a dollar's worth of food from a bakery. It's time to bring back communism, I say.

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