The last job was to make the sausages.

The holy trinity of Hungarian sausages are:

  • véres hurka (blood sausage)
  • májas hurka (liver sausage)
  • kolbász (kielbasa)

Kolbász is the best. More care than I would have thought went into making sure the ingredients were carefully weighed and that the right percentages of fat, rice, and ground pork were mixed.

The most delicate task was one of the last: to make sure the casings don't break when the meat is injected into it. I might have overheard some non-colloquial Hungarian when the casing broke in the middle of being filled.

Everyone was exhausted at the end of the day. I was, too, though I only stirred rice. (I did stir the rice very, very well, I should add.)
For dinner we ate a selection of all the food that was just made. You can imagine how good it all was. It's impossible to have any fresher.

It was an incredible experience. I have been invited to attend other pig killings, but since they are usually in the middle of winter, I rarely have the chance to take advantage of the offer.

I hope you liked this little show.

The End